Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big Bugs

Groupon had a spectacular deal a few weeks ago, a year long Reiman Gardens Membership for 27$!  We have been members in the past but I didn't renew our membership last year but when I saw this deal I knew we had to do it.  This year their theme is Big Bugs.  This past week since Grandma had some time off(since they were moving) we headed to the garden to check them out.  Right out the doors we found this praying mantis.

he was small in comparison to this big guy though.

Next we went to check out the childrens garden area.  Much to the kiddos displeasure the frog water pumps were not working yet but they did discover some fun things in the alphabet garden.  Callie discovered water, she LOVES water.

The kiddos also love the bridge over the little stream and the board walk mazes.  They had the prettiest purple flowers out right now!

The boys love to climb the hill that goes way up to the fence area.  Here they are showing off just a little:)

Next we went to see the big ants.  Ty wasn't so sure he liked them but Gabe thought they were pretty cool.

after the ant we saw the big spider.  I would not want to come across a spider quite that big for sure!

and to go along with the spider theme next we saw a giant spider web.  Ty wasn't so sure he liked it either although he did seem to think it would make a good climbing toy once he did warm up to it.

Next we came across a giant ladybug.  Ty decided that the ladybug was not scary so he didn't cover his face and hide from this one:)  Gabe and Callie liked it too.

Next up was the giant mosquito which Ty did find scary so he would not get in the picture with his brother and sister:)

Next we made our way back down and around the lake where Gabe became photographer and took some pictures of the giant dragonfly.

We made our way to the back of the garden where we saw this.  It looks like a dragonfly but it has another name and my memory is failing me.  We learned that it can actually sting you which Gabe thought was cool and terrified him all at the same time.

and finally our last big bug outside in the garden, the grasshopper.  They had seen the grasshopper driving by from the street many times so the boys were very excited to actually get up close to it.

On our way out of the garden we stopped in the conservatory area and saw the giant picnic basket.  This was probably my favorite part.

It was a hot day at the garden but the kids has lots of fun discovering all the bugs.  I'm sure we will take advantage of our membership and go visit our favorites quite regularly.

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