Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Birthday Train

Wow what a busy weekend and week this has been!  We started out this past weekend with a birthday party for our nephews 2nd and 4th birthdays.  We had lunch at their house and then we all went to Boone to take a ride on Scenic Valley Railroad.  Since the train ride started about the same time as Callie's normal nap she met Grandpa Tim and Grandma Mel in Boone and went back to their house to sleep instead.  When we arrived the boys couldn't wait to see the train.

after a short wait we were able to get on and find some seats all together.  It was nice the train wasn't full so we had plenty of room to spread out and kids were able to move around some.  Here they are with one of the birthday boys!

Aunt Andrea and Uncle Alan even had engineer hats for everyone to wear on the train.

and of course no birthday party is complete without cupcakes, which Ty liked very much, especially the frosting!

The window seats were especially popular on the ride and much maneuvering and shifting was being done to have the best view out the window.

The views were really pretty especially going over the bridges and near the river.

Aunt Em even came home for the weekend!(and bought Gabe the smashed railroad penny which Gabe later dropped when he was out checking out the open air area of the train, she was nice and got him another one:)

It was a fun ride and we all enjoyed ourselves!  Thanks for the fun party and train ride Andrea and Alan.

The rest of the weekend wasn't as exciting or relaxing as the train ride but it was busy.  Sunday we worked in Gabe's room at church and then met Carl's family for lunch at Hickory Park.  Sunday afternoon we went to my parents house and started to help them load trailers.  They are moving into a townhouse on the other side of town and started to get their things out of the their current house.  We loaded as much as we could Sunday and then Monday morning unloaded into the new house garage(they can't get into the house until Friday but could put their stuff in the garage) It was a busy few days and we still have more stuff to move and then actually put into the house this coming weekend.  I didn't take any pictures of the moving activities.  The kids are excited to finally see Grandma and Grandpas new house as they(especially Ty) were getting a little stressed out as to why we were taking everything out of their old house and putting it into trailers.  I think once he sees it all in an actual house and not a garage he will feel better about the whole thing.  It was definately a productive weekend!

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