Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun with an Airplane

It is kind of nice living so close to campus. Especially in the summer when it's incredibly nice and we need a big space to fly one of Gabe's new birthday presents! Gabe got this airplane from his friend Colin for his birthday last week.

We decided that after flying it in our yard we would take it to central campus to have more space to really let her fly. The boys loved watching the plane do loops and had to duck and cover a few times:)

At first Callie was more interested in pushing the stroller around in the grass.

and climbing through the fence.

but after awhile she got in on the fun of chasing the plane once it landed too.

The airplane was somewhat unpredictable in its flight pattern however and every once and awhile you would have to watch out or it could hit you in the nose and cause it to bleed this.

Thankfully Daddy had an extra shirt to use as kleenex since I didn't think to bring any! Here is the airplane in action. (nevermind blogger will not upload my videos lately for some reason...)

After awhile it was time to take 3 tired but excited kiddos home for bed. Ty decided to help Callie out and lead her to the sidewalk. So cute

The kids are already asking when we can go back to Central Campus and fly the plane again(this time I'm taking kleenex)

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