Monday, June 20, 2011

Start of Summer

With the start of summer comes lots of random happenings. A few weeks ago we used our family membership to go have a picnic in the garden after church. It was a nice day and even though it started to sprinkle while we were there the kids loved having a picnic in the garden. Even though I had taken pictures of them the last time we were there I tortured them again anyway and made them pose for a few pictures for me, like these...maybe someday it won't take many many shots to actually get one half was decent one:)The roses were more in bloom this time.They also changed the display in the conservatory instead of the big picnic basket they had these things.We also were able to go to the butterfly wing this time, Callie's first time through. She loved the butterflys. This one loved Carl:)On our way out the boys also liked to look at the butterflys who had just emerged from the chrysalis. The start of summer also brought the start of swimming lessons and t-ball for Gabe. I wasn't able to get very many good ones at the pool.and I haven't snapped any at t-ball yet that will have to be a post another time. This week we are gearing up for someones 6th birthday! More to come I'm sure...

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