Tuesday, August 16, 2011


When we got back from our little Minneapolis trip the next day we decided to take Ty to Adventureland as part of his birthday celebration.  Mom again agreed to keep Callie since she is a little bit too small to ride very much and still needs a nap in the afternoon so we figured it would be more enjoyable for everyone if she stayed with Grandma.  Our friends, the Krugers also had tickets to go and since Mike had the week off from work they were able to go with us for the day.  That worked out great since Ty loves Brady and Bree he felt like he got to take friends with him for his birthday.  When we arrived we headed right to the ferris wheel.  We found most rides only let you go with 6 people at the most so we split up with the two older kiddos with us and two younger with Mike and Heather.  It did make for some cute pictures.

After the ferris wheel Ty was just sure he wanted to ride the pirate ship, aka the galleon.  I can't ride the galleon I did when I was younger and almost lost my breakfast so I was positive age would not improve my experience so Daddy took him on.  Mike took Bree as well.

Since you could only take one kid per adult the bigger boys had to wait their turn and the Daddies had to go again:)

They even help up their hands for most of the ride but pretty soon I saw Carl talking to a increasingly more funny faced Gabe and had him put his hands down.  Once he got off though he was fine, of course he says he still thought the galleon was fun.  For those wondering Bree and Ty loved it!  No problems at all!  After a few more rides the dads were ready for a break of all the spinning so we found the ladybugs.  Gabe and Brady decided that this was a baby ride and they were not going to ride it but once Bree and Ty got in line they decided to give it a try as well.  What is funny is I remember riding the lady bugs when I was about Gabe's age, guess they've been around a while.

Soon after the ladybugs we found some lunch and then braved a few more rides.  All of us rode the log ride where Gabe and I got pretty wet since we were in the front of the log.  After the log ride we checked to see if Gabe was tall enough to ride the roller coasters this year.  He was and he said that if he was tall enough he was going to ride them.  We started with the tornado where cool and confident Gabe turned a little panicky and by a little I mean a lot.  The whole time in line he kept saying he didn't want to do it and he didn't want to go.  The line was not long so it didn't take us long to get to the platform.  Once in the cart and out of the building he wanted out but we were past the point of not return and he wanted me to hold on to him the whole time.  They take your picture at the bottom of the 1st hill and his face was priceless.  A look of sheer terror gripping onto the lap bar and my arm for dear life.  It was pretty funny but I didn't want to pay the 10$ to buy it so you'll just have to trust me on the face.  Once we pulled back in and we got off he was exclaiming how fun that was and wanted to go again...stinker.  He went on to ride the Dragon(the upside down coaster) twice and they all rode several other rides.  We ended up over by the frog hopper towards the end of the day which is one of Ty's favorites.

After a couple of rides on the frog hopper the kids were ready to go try out the bi-planes.  The park was not busy this day at all so there was no wait and no one waiting when they were done so I think they ended up riding them planes about 5 times in a row.  It was great.

While the kids were riding the bi-planes the daddies decided they were going to go try out the space shot.  Mike had never been on one before so wanted to give it a try.  He had tucked his sunglasses on the inside of his shirt but they went flying out.  While we were watching them from the ground you could see Mike fumbling around for something and then these glasses flying out into the crowd, it was pretty funny.  You can see a video of it here.  I'm sure it was more funny in person but just watching him flail around trying to catch them was a pretty good laugh.  After that craziness we headed over the carousel and train but not before I made the kids pose for a picture together.  In Ty's defense the sun was pretty bright.

On the train ride.

I think Gabe and Brady were a little confused after going on all the roller coasters and decided that they should put their hands up on the train ride as well.

While on the train ride we saw the raging river and the kids wanted to know why we hadn't gone on that yet.  We were going to leave and get some supper but our kids pleading eyes won out and we headed back to the raging river where the adults mostly, all got soaked for our ride home.  Since we were pretty wet we decided a drive-thru was our best option an ate some Burger King on the way home.  It was a fun day and I think Ty thought it was a pretty good place to start a birthday celebration weekend.
*Just wanted to add that Ty's favorite ride was the silly silo(you know the one that spins round and round and drops the floor out from under your feet, the one that makes me sick just watching it spin) yeah that one and my wonderful hubby went on it twice, once with Gabe once with Ty what a guy:)

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