Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Straw Poll

As some of you may know there was a little thing here in town this past Saturday known as a straw poll.  Since we only live a block and half away from where it was being held we decided to walk down there and check out all the craziness.  These are many of the candidates busses and tents they had set up around the Iowa State Center.

One of the highlights was the the free food.  Bomb pops were a family favorite.

While the Bomb pops were good I still think the kids liked the inflatables the best.

There were lots of special interest groups there as well the candidates not to mention the local and national press.

Amongst all these people we did manage to find Kim(my brothers fiance) to say hi and meet her dad quick.

and after all the excitement we had to head back home so we could meet my parents for a late lunch at Hickory Park for Ty's birthday sundae!

He liked to blow out the candle!

and the ice cream tasted pretty good too!

I'll finish of this post with a few random cute pics we snapped while at the restaurant.

and just to prove he was there but not cooperating for any pictures...

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