Friday, December 7, 2007

Adventures in Cookie Making

Today was cookie making day at our house. Gabe's friend Brady and his mommy and baby sister came over and we made roll out sugar cookies. Brave you might say, with 2 two year olds and two infants ages 6 months and 4 months but it actually turned out pretty good. There were a few tears and moments of frustration and the boys got a little frustrated at times too, but for the most part they did a good job. Gabe did much better this year then last. Last year he was afraid to touch the dough and didn't quite get the gist of the sprinkle thing. This year he wasn't at all afraid of the dough as some of it ended up in his mouth and the sprinkles were the best part. As I cleaned up the mess I thought why did I want to do this again, but even just sitting here now I realize that this is part of making Christmas Memories, I'm sure the day is coming sooner then I want to think about, when my boys won't want to help their old mom make cookies anymore and when that day comes I will look back on today and smile thinking of my flour covered little boy and how much fun he had eating, I mean making cookies with his Mommy.

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