Sunday, December 16, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Gabes

I was relaying some stories of things Gabe had said the other day and I thought I would post them, I thought they were pretty cute, of course I am probably biased. A few weeks ago we were driving out to church to drop off a lasagna for the cast of the Christmas production and of course we were running a little late. I decided in not my best judgment moment to take the back entrance, which is a gravel road that was basically sheer ice with a few assorted divets and ruts from tires. As we were driving I hit one of the big ruts and it sent the jeep spinning, we proceeded to spin to the edge of the ditch , pretty close to one of the electric poles but stopped just short. I was able to drive right out as we didn't go in very far. I said to Gabe, more reassuring myself than him that it was okay, we were okay, that it just scared me, to this Gabe replied, "it okay Mommy, God help you," a good lesson to be learned from a 2 year old. He also sometimes makes my heart melt with his sweetness. Ty had his 4 month check-up the other day and had his shots. I was changing Ty's diaper and Gabe noticed that Ty had band-aids on his thighs. Gabe said "Baby Ty has owies" I said yes, Baby Ty got his shots. Gabe replied, "yeah Baby Ty got shot, I got shot too" I said no you didn't get shots, he then agreed with me and said "I need to biss, Baby Ty's owies, I need to biss them Mommy, I need to make them better" so Gabe had me pick him up so he could kiss his brothers owie leg, it was so cute! That's all for now, I will post pics next time but just wanted to get those two stories blogged.

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