Wednesday, December 12, 2007

This and That

This December has not been a pleasant weather month. It is hard to keep a 2 year old entertained in the house everyday. To add to the problem I went to Target to buy Gabe some snow pants and they were all out of boy colors. They had 2 pairs of pretty pink pants left but that was it, I didn't think his Daddy would approve of that color so I refrained from buying him any. To keep him somewhat entertained I bought him bubble bath. He has not liked taking baths lately but will play for a long time if there are bubbles in the tub. To add to our stir crazy mood Gabe decided to fall asleep on our bedroom floor yesterday, for those of you who have not been to our house we have wood floors throughout so this couldn't have been a comfortable place to sleep, well I thought it was cute so I grabbed the camera, took a picture and then picked him to lay him down in his bed. Not happening yesterday, we went round and round for over an hour with him not wanting to sleep and me wanting him to. He went to bed early last night. Ty is trying to roll over and gets all the way up on his side and then just lays there. I help him out every once in awhile to see if he will figure it out but it hasn't happened yet. He is getting really strong little neck muscles though and is holding himself up so much better on his tummy now. He has his 4 month Dr. checkup on Friday, I can't believe he is almost 4 months already.

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