Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today didn't start out all that great with all the thunderstorms we got late last night but it ended up being a pretty nice, although very wet, day. The boys and I were getting rather stir crazy(maybe that's why Ty decided to climb in the cabinet) so we decided to brave the muddy streets and sidewalks and take a walk. I asked Gabe where he wanted to walk to and he wanted to go see Jack Trice so we headed to the stadium( I love, love, love our neighborhood! It was such a pretty walk!) We took the double stroller but Gabe wanted to walk and since I wanted him to exert some energy I let him, he did a great job and walked the whole way to the stadium. When we got there he literally wanted to go see Jack Trice(there is a statue by the entrance) so we went to see good ole Jack and then we noticed they were working on the stadium today so we walked around to the side where we saw a back hoe, a skid loader and an excavator. We stood and watched them work for awhile and Gabe was in heaven, he kept a running commentary on all the action going on. Gabe walked the whole way to the other side of the stadium and then he decided I could push him for awhile. So we walked through the parking lot and down by Rieman Gardens and then back onto the sidewalk on the other side of the stadium, where he wanted to run up the hill so then he walked again until we hit the little park right by our street that has swings. Surprisingly it wasn't too wet so we went to swing for awhile. Gabe loved it! He wanted to push him higher and higher and even has learned how to pump his legs back and forth. Ty on the other hand was not so crazy about our swinging adventure. He never really cried but he didn't look too happy about it. Gabe liked to try and push Ty on the swings but he quickly stopped doing that when he realized he wasn't swinging too. Finally I convinced Gabe it was time to go home and have a Popsicle before nap. I don't think he really even knew what a Popsicle was but he happily agreed anyway. Now my very worn out boy is napping, hopefully we walked some of his energy off, it's been hard to get out the last few days with all the rain and mud. This weekend we have the home show going on again as well as working nursery at church and Father's Day(although Carl is working the homeshow the majority of the day) Should be a busy weekend. I leave you with a few video's of our adventures at the swings!(never mind blogger is not cooperating with me, I'll try to get them on later)


clarkitect said...

I Love it. Your day sounds way better than hanging out with me for lunch. The blog put a smile on my face today. I love you guys.

Flip-flop Mama said...

Do they still have that statue of the big Indian head in Ames?! Whenever we used to drive by it, Ryan would say, "He likes you."

Emily said...

I think these are some of the cutest pictures you've ever posted (and they're all cute)!!! Ty has the most animated face of any baby I've seen, love the furled eyebrow. Thanks fore keeping me up-to-date.