Monday, June 30, 2008

Wall-E and Wow What a Weekend

We have had a very busy weekend. Friday afternoon my mom watched Ty so Carl and I could take Gabe to the new Dinsey-Pixar movie Wall-E. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. We loved it and Gabe loved it too, I don't think he understood everything that was going on but he loved the robots and the spaceships and even laughed a few times, of course anytime he gets to eat pop and popcorn he is having a good time. After the movie we took him to the new Japanese steak house here in town. We had to wait quite a while for our chef to come out and cook our food but once he did it was worth the wait. Gabe was a little scared of the big fire that starts when he first starts cooking but he loved watching everything else. I didn't take my camera so I don't have any pictures but his expressions when he was twirling around the cooking utensils and throwing eggs into his chef's hat were priceless. Gabe even wanted to take a turn trying to catch a piece of egg in his mouth, the chef asked if he wanted to try and he said yes, Gabe sat there open mouthed and the egg hit him right in the forehead. Everyone including Gabe thought it was hilarious. On Saturday we headed up to Burt/Algona for my home church's 125th birthday celebration. They honored the 50+ year members of the church and my grandparents were recognized. On Sunday we went to the church service and lunch afterwards. It got to be a lot of sitting for two little boys so they were very excited to go play at the park after the lunch on Sunday. Gabe was disappointed he didn't get to go on a tractor ride this time but hopefully the next time we make it up. I didn't take any pictures of our weekend until our ride home from Algona Sunday afternoon. I thought my boys would be dead tired but they were sitting in the back making each other laugh and cry and just being all around goofy. Gabe also is trying to perfect his photography skills so I posted a few of his masterpieces. Finally I started a DVD and they both fell asleep, Gabe's position doesn't look very comfortable. When we got home Gabe continued to sleep and Ty decided to help me with the laundry. It was good to be home after a whirlwind weekend. Carl is taking Thursday-Monday off from work and we will hopefully get our wall done finally! I am so excited at the prospect of a completed wall. I will post pictures when it is done!

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