Thursday, June 5, 2008

So it Begins...

The homeshow starts this weekend! We have a park dedication to go to tonight, which I will try and take my camera to and get some pictures of the house as well. Then tomorrow we have builders night with a dinner and awards after and then Saturday it is open to the public, Carl is very excited and from what I've heard the house looks amazing. I will try to post some pics soon. Saturday Carl and I are scheduled to work at the house during the day so we have a busy weekend coming up. On a kid note Ty has learned to do so big, he will usually comply if you ask him how big he is but sometimes it takes him awhile. I will post a video of it, I think it is pretty cute but I may be a little biased. It has been very rainy here this week so our outside play time has been somewhat limited. In that case you have come up with your fun which is what Gabe and Ty did yesterday afternoon. I have posted a video of that so you can see for yourself. If you get a chance to check out the homeshow do it, there will be a lot of cool houses to go through, one in particular is way cooler then the others in my opinion though:) Here is the link to the website with information on times, place, etc.
Carl's company is Home #5 Character Homes
Maybe we'll see you there!

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Emily said...

That is cutest video of the boys. It's clear they're both having so much fun. Imagine what they'll get into when they're both a little older.