Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Caught in the Act

This morning I was in the kitchen and heard Ty's laughter coming from the living room. I peeked out the door and there was Gabe tickling him with his head. I quickly grabbed the camera and got a little of it on video. Ty laughs harder at Gabe then anyone else it is so much fun to see them interact with each other. Gabe got a little out of hand towards the end when he rammed his head a little too hard into Ty's tummy, gentle is just not a concept Gabe is super good at yet. On another Gabe note- Last night we went to see the movie Expelled while Mom watched the boys. When we got out of the movie it was a downpour, the storm sewers were backing up the streets and sidewalks looked like rivers, it was crazy and we had to run back to the car a block and a half away, we were soaked. When we got back to mom and dad's Gabe was very tired and rather crabby and wasn't liking all the rain and thunder and crying a little. Carl called him over and was talking to him about how it was okay it was just rain and thunder nothing to be scared of, he asked him if he was getting wet, Gabe said yes, so Carl asked him where he was wet and he said in my eye's, darn rain anyway:)

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