Friday, May 23, 2008

Photo Friday

We have a busy weekend coming up so thought I would share some pictures from the past week since I most likely won't be on all weekend. Tomorrow we have a wedding in the Quad Cities, Heather and Mike generously offered to take Gabe with them to the zoo since Curious George and Super Why are going to be there for IPTV Kids Day, he is very excited. Mom and Dad are keeping Ty and then will get Gabe after the zoo. We didn't think a 3 hour car ride and then sitting for a wedding and reception and then a 3 hour car ride home would be a real fun thing for the boys so they are staying here. Sunday we are going to celebrate our nephew, Clark's first birthday and we have a BBQ for our connection group that night and Monday as of now we are planning on working on the fireplace wall(maybe Carl has been extremely busy with work so he may just want some down time) A Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone!

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