Friday, May 2, 2008


the title says it all. We have had a busy week so I am glad the weekend soon approaches. Ty is learning new little tricks all the time, like somehow getting underneath his highchair and not being able to get out. He also loves Gabe's car for outside he can stand behind the wheel and look out at everything. He hasn't quite figured out what to do when it moves though. Our big magnolia tree in the backyard has finally bloomed since we have had some warmer weather. It is beautiful and smells so good. Gabe is learning what all the different flowers are and can name daffodils and tulips, he is surprised by how many different colors of daffodils are in our yard, he will come out and look for new ones each time we go outside. He especially loves the yellow ones with an orange center. We watched Brady and Bree this morning and Kate and her kids(Brady, Mya and Sydney) came over to play so we had a full house. When Big Brady walked in Gabe exclaimed We have two Brady's now! He was very excited to have so many people to play with. We had lots of fun, perhaps Brady(small version) and Gabe had a little too much fun...
I thought it was a little quiet up there for awhile they successfully emptied every book off the shelf and every toy out of the tubs on the toy shelf and took Gabe's pillow case off, his sheets off and emptied his clothes hamper, they were busy. Tomorrow we are walking in the March of Dimes March for Babies hopefully the weather is nice. The little boy we are walking for is currently in the hospital with some intestinal issues so if you could send up a prayer for Baby Nolan we would appreciate it. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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