Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Troubles

Wow what a day, my boys must have decided that today was going to be the day to cause all kinds of trouble around here. It started off the same as always we come down stairs and eat breakfast well after breakfast Ty decided to crawl over to the bookcase and start to pull books down, there is also a cord he really likes over there as well so he was playing with that, Gabe being the excellent example of good behavior that he is decided to join him. Once the books were put back on the shelf and Ty put back on the carpet with toys Gabe decided to be an acrobat and climb the walls(well the window) After breakfast was finally cleaned up we made it upstairs so the boys could get dressed and I could get showered. I put Ty in his crib to play and Gabe was playing in his room, everything was going smoothly until I hear laughter coming from the Ty's room. Gabe had crawled into Ty's crib and was bouncing up and down(he is not allowed to get in Ty's crib) That was all well and good until Ty decided he wanted out of his crib and started crying, Gabe thought this was funny and started to imitate Ty, I wish I would have had the video camera, it was loud. After this Ty went down for a morning nap after putting up quite a fight and Gabe decided that going to the bathroom was no fun today so we ended up changing underwear and pants 3 times before lunch. Ty wakes up from his nap and it's lunch time, however, Ty does not want to eat he is too interested in watching Gabe and Brady play. Finally it is nap time and my two little cherubs are fast asleep in their rooms(well Gabe is asleep now, he was still awake when I took this picture) whew what a day it's a good thing my back is feeling better...long story to make it short I was on heavy duty pain killers and muscle relaxers for few days and am now feeling much better, hopefully our afternoon will go better:)

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