Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday Troubles part Doo

So our afternoon after nap time started off very well, Ty woke up from his nap a little early so I brought him downstairs to play with Brenna( I watch her on Tuesday afternoons, so her Mommy can get some work done) Ty LOVES Brenna, he crawled right over to her and started giving her kisses, Brenna took it pretty well considering he was slobbering all over her:) Ty isn't normally a big kisser, he will do it sometimes but he was just a man possessed. It was after Brenna left and Gabe woke up from his nap that the rest of our Tuesday Troubles began. All was going smoothly, I was just starting to get supper ready when I looked out into the living room to see Ty's mouth and hands completely covered in a brown substance. I suspected immediately it was not chocolate but was wishing that it was. A sniff test confirmed my fear and Ty was immediately taken upstairs, he did have a poopy diaper, however on inspection of his big brother it was found he had some trace evidence left behind also. Both boys were thrown into the bathtub for a good wash down and when they were out and dried and dressed (Ty at this point was on his 4th outfit, Gabe on his 4th pair of underwear) I went downstairs and did an inspection of the play area, I found two very small little droppings and that was it, I cleaned those up and went back upstairs to get the boys. We are still feeling some effects from the incident this morning as Gabe found a couple of our toys with suspicious brown smears, all our toys are being sanitized as I type. Yuck is all I can say(at least Ty was giving Brenna kisses before he ate poop, right Steph?) On a happier less disgusting note Ty has learned to clap, it is pretty cute so I have a video of it, it took awhile to get him to do it for the camera, but once big brother Gabe helped out he did it right away.


Flip-flop Mama said...

Sorry your day didn't get better, but that kissing pic is adorable. I caught a pic of Ainsley laying a big kiss on Trey's lips and his eyes are WIDE open!

Jared said...

I was hoping you'd put the kissing picture on your blog! I told Jared last night that Brenna had her first kiss yesterday from a boy! :)