Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy Busy Busy and the Sickies

It has been extremely crazy around here lately. As predicted we did have a very busy Memorial Day weekend, with a beautiful wedding on Saturday(Congrats Nate and Christina!) in the Quad Cities, a birthday party a barbecue and one sick Daddy. Carl woke up very early Sunday morning not feeling well, so we stayed home from church because I needed to get a few things done anyway and he thought he felt better by the time we went to the birthday party, not so much he basically slept on the couch all through the party and then it was time to go home. That night we went to a barbecue at our friends house and Carl thought maybe he was doing better but still not right, when we got home I took his temp, it was at 103 so the next morning I called urgent care here in town to see if we could get him in. Luckily we got him an appt and found out he had strep throat and an ear infection, man it's like he is one of the kids or something. He is feeling much better now but needless to say our fireplace wall still looks the same as this. The rest of our week has also been rather crazy, between trips to the gym, play dates, cleaning and trying to catch up on laundry I can't believe it's already Thursday! This weekend we are heading up to Algona for my dad's cousin's memorial service, while we are there we are hoping to make a trip out to the farm so Gabe can have a tractor ride, this next week also kicks off the home show house in Ankeny, you can see very old pictures of it here. Carl needs to get some new ones posted as it has come so far since these were taken. The boys are continuing to do well and everyday make me laugh when they play together, which is happening more and more now, it is so much fun. Ty has mastered crawling up our two stairs between the kitchen and living room and between the entry and living room, no where is safe now! Speaking of climbing up things Gabe loves to climb in Ty's crib(which most of the time I don't allow but lately Ty just finds it hilarious so I have let him) Gabe will jump up and down and Ty just laughs and laughs.

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Flip-flop Mama said...

I love the diaper pics in the crib!!