Monday, May 5, 2008

Walks, Wind and Sunburns

We had a busy weekend around here. Saturday morning our family participated in the March for Babies in Des Moines. It was very cold and windy at first but as we walked into the trees it got a little better and almost warm. We only had one minor mishap when Carl decided to go off-roading in our brand new stroller, hit a big stick and basically went head over heals over top of the stroller, turning the kids upside down in the process, not to worry everyone was fine but it scared Gabe just a little bit but Ty just sat there and looked around, he didn't realize anything had happened I think. Carl stayed on the path after that. It was a 5K (slightly over 3 miles) but it went pretty fast since we were walking with a big group of friends and didn't seem to take long at all. The picture of the boys in the stroller was after the walk, we were getting ready to leave and Gabe was not a happy camper because he didn't get to play on the slide. Nolan, the baby we were walking for wasn't able to be there as he had been in the hospital towards the end of the week, he is home now and doing better but is scheduled for another surgery on the 15th, his mom and dad are not sure if it will happen because of this latest set back but continue to be in prayer for little Nolan, he has been through so much in his short little life. When we got home from the walk we played outside in our yard for awhile. I had to get some pictures of the boys by our magnolia tree. They weren't the most willing models in the world but I managed to get a few cute pictures. Gabe is smelling the magnolias in his picture, for some reason he thinks you have to wrinkle your face up to get your nose to work, he does that every time he smells something. Sunday we had a picnic for church, we stayed for a few hours, Gabe had a blast playing on the playground equipment and running around in the open field. Ty and I got caught up on some adult conversation and in the meantime both got sunburnt. It was pretty cool and windy so I didn't think about bringing sunscreen but it looks like it is time to add it to the diaper bag. Ty was in the stroller with a shade for most of the time so he didn't get too burnt, just a little bit of red cheeks but my arms and face are pretty red, I had a little trouble sleeping last night because of it(well and because of my lovely allergies) Welcome Spring!

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Flip-flop Mama said...

That's so neat that you did that walk Hollie. . Ryan wants to run a 5K with me. . I don't even know if I can run anymore :) What are you going to DC for?